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About Us

Your Hail Estimation Specialists

Red Rock Estimators

Have been specializing in hail estimation for over 20 years, making us experts in the field. Our extensive experience comes from working with both insurance carriers and repair operations, giving us a unique perspective on all aspects of a hail claim. Whether it's conducting inspections, writing repair estimates, or processing supplements for shops or carriers, we have the knowledge and expertise to handle it all.


By working on behalf of various insurance carriers, we have gained valuable insights into their claims processes. This understanding allows us to tailor our repair estimates and supplements to meet their specific requirements. We know exactly what they are looking for and can provide accurate estimates that reflect the true cost of a repair. Our ability to meet the expectations of insurance carriers ensures a smoother claims process for our clients.

At Red Rocks Estimators, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive understanding of hail claims. With our unique knowledge and experience, we are able to provide accurate and reliable estimates that benefit both our clients and insurance carriers. Trust us to handle your hail claim with professionalism and expertise.

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