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  • How much does it cost?
    $150 per estimate If you have the initial Insurance estimate, we will match their estimate and create a Supplement for NO Additional Charge!!!!
  • What is your estimate turnaround time?
    Most Estimates are returned the same day. 1 business day guaranteed.
  • Do I have to subscribe?
    No, all estimates are on an as needed basis.
  • How do I pay?
    We bill every 2 weeks electronically, you can pay via credit card, we would prefer to be set up as a direct deposit.
  • How much can you increase the value of our estimates?
    We specialize in making sure you are estimating for your true cost of a repair. Our avg increase is 30% using the same PDR Matrix as the insurance companies. By adding all necessary Standard Operating Procedures are included. Additionally, we will include all parts, conventional work, R&I, and any PDR markups that may have been overlooked. We will also incorporate line notes into your estimate to explain the item’s purpose thus maximizing the amount you receive from the insurance company.
  • What happens if my repair job is a borderline Total Loss?
    This happens all the time! Our experience estimators are knowledge in different state’s law and Total Loss thresholds. We will write up your estimates to the full amount and contact you letting you know what the estimate total is and where we believe the insurance carrier would keep it repairable at. From there we will let the Repair Facility decided on how they would like to proceed
  • What happens if we need a change to the estimate?
    We take care of minor revisions at no additional cost, i.e. (Pulled paint during repair or Broken part on R&I)
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